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Products & Services

Restaurant Hood and Duct Exhaust Systems

Installed new or save money with a used system. Available in black iron or stainless-steel. We can also install stainless-steel back walls for added protection and an always new look.

Restaurant Hood and Duct Cleaning

Foster & Son will clean your hood, ducts and all accessible areas in accordance to manufacturer's recommendations and requirements. All cleaning is done on site at your convenience. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No cooking or food prep can be done during cleaning.

Grease Filter Service

We'll provide a filter service without the greasy mess! Filters are exchanged within minutes. No cleaning on site. Available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We will fit your needs.

FM200 Fire Suppression Sytems

At Foster & Son we represent PyroChem and install FM200 systems in:

  • Data Processing Centers
  • Process Control Rooms
  • Art and Historical Collections
  • Facilities where water damage from sprinklers must be avoided

Typically the extinguishing agent is stored in cylinders or spheres and is delivered to distribution nozzles through a system piping network. Smoke detectors in the system sense the presence of fire. The detection and control panel then sounds an alarm, shutting down air handlers, disconnecting power from the protected equipment, and then releasing the agent into the protected area.

At Foster & Son our engineering group will design your system, prepare drawings, flow and battery calculations, and provide you the hard data you need to assure a well designed fire protection system.

For additional information contact one of our representatives at 708-233-9505.

Paint Spray Booth Suppression Systems

For additional information contact one of our representatives at 708-233-9505.

Fire Extinguishers

Foster & Son sells new industrial type fire extinguishers for business or home use: ABC-BC, Purplek Carbon Dioxide-Helotron-water, wet chemical, etc. All extinguishers come with mounting brackets and certified tags which are required by state code. We'll deliver and mount them at your location.

Since state code requires annual service of fire extinguishers, Foster & Son can inspect, repair, test and fill all types of fire extinguishers. Our lincensed servicemen are knowledgeable about height requirements, coverage requirements, sign placement and related issues.

Fire Extinguisher Training

At Foster & Son we feel that everyone should know how to use a fire extinguisher in an emergency. We can send a licensed professional to your place of business for a hands on demonstration where every employee will activate a fire extinguisher. Classes are available for large and small groups. For additional information contact one of our representatives at 708-233-9505.

For more information contact us at:

708.233.9505 or fax us at 708.233.9591

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